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Richard Trahan & Trisha Deutrail

Co owners and ceo
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We restore and breath the life back into old homes and out dated styles. Rejuvenating and bringing life back to your home.

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We at R&T Painting and Restoration have prided our selves in our workmanship and quality. Bringing to you, our customer the highest rate of precision and performance possible. Getting the project finished, in a timely manner. Making it possible for us to be competitive with our prices saving you, the customer money!

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R&T Painting and Restoration

Peaking at performance and rising to the top. Will be the reviews once R&T Painting and Restoration finishes your projects.

Richard Trahan

Work number#-+1 337-485-8600
#2 work number#- 337-532-5873
Another job completed and another customers satisfaction.
Completed job with soaring admiration and joy from yet another pleased customer.
Small job but beautiful none the less. Job completed ahead of schedule.

R&T Painting and Restoration

Premium work at a fair price!
At R&T Painting and Restoration we pride ourselves in premium work at a fair price. We strive to take the next step in whatever we do. Our company is built on Respect for all genders and ages. Discipline in our ways of performance and completion Technics. Above all honoring our word and passion for what we do.

R&T Painting and Restoration

R&T Painting and Restoration

Apartment complex

R&T Painting and Restoration

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